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Medium microcement - 17kg


component A and B


From £120 + VAT

Fine microcement - 14kg


component A and B


From £120 + VAT

Marmorino Medium Paste - 10.5kg


£45 + VAT

Marmorino Fine Paste


£50 + VAT

Venetian Stucco (lucidato) - 20kg


£62 + VAT

Colorant, tints and stains from:


£17 + VAT

Sheepskin buffing heads (Velcro backed) 180mm or 7inch


£8 + VAT


Venetian trowels


(awaiting stock)

Bespoke readymade Microcement items:


All sizes, colours and patterns available for internal or external use.


Stencilling on request


Decorative panels (water proof)


Worktops made to measure or finished in situ


Splash backs


Fire surrounds


Varied size and shaped tiles


Window sills covers, doors, furniture etc.

Bespoke readymade polished plaster items.


Panels finished in any colour, size or pattern for internal display use only.


Stencilling available on request.


Please phone Simon for samples!!

Please email any orders and we will process them within two days.

If you cannot find an item in the shop that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be only too pleased to help.

Microcement normally will cover 1 meter squared per 2kg, this can only be a very rough guide as all substrates are prepared to varying quality’s, this also depends on the applicator.

Fine microcement, stuccos and marmarinos are similar to the above but the finer the material the flatter the prepared surface should be so therefore the material can have a larger area of coverage.

Microcement is supplied in 2 buckets which contain component A and B, due to the varying amount of colours and tints these are sold separately and are not included in the shown price.

Trade and volume prices are available on request, please contact Simon for details..

All P&P prices are at cost.